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Ladies Fashion Choices

womens fashionNowadays, it can be extremely hard to keep up with fashion trends, especially for womenswear. Every so often, new designers crop up to compete with traditional designer names, thus pushing the already creative fashion industry to the edge.

It’s easy to understand why women are crazy about fashion because they tend to be judged harshly by the fashion choices they make, unlike men. So women are more conscious of the clothes, shoes, and accessories they buy. When a woman buys any of the aforesaid items, they wittingly or unwittingly relate that item to their personality. They relate it to the way they’ll be perceived in society.

Regardless of perception, one thing’s for sure; ladies have unlimited choice when it comes to fashion. And although fashion can sometimes be a bandwagon thing, there is enough diversity to help every woman create a unique style that makes a bold statement.

The current generation is less formal and they like to explore with more risqué choices of fashion. That said, having a few tips on general fashion choices can go a long way.

Formal Settings

Although fashion trends have changed greatly, one area that has kept to long standing tradition is formal wear, particularly for work. So here are the essentials to help you choose formal clothing for work:

Suits – Simply put, suits are the safest option when you want to go purely formal and are not sure of which fashion to choose. You can choose between trousers or a skirt, but trousers are typically more casual. Nonetheless, a ladies trouser suit is just as formal as a skirt based suit, provided it is of a suitable length.

For a skirt suit, the appropriate length should go to the knees because it will stretch upwards a bit when you’re seated and it can get a bit distracting.

The cut of the skirt is down to personal taste but a narrow cut is more conservative and more appropriate if you’re going for a job interview. But generally, any cut that allows you to walk freely will do.

Colour – For women’s formal wear, colour is as important as style. Again, if you’re going for a formal look and you’re unsure of the colour, then chose any of the four safe options – black, navy blue, beige, and grey. These are considered safe for formal attire and you can wear a suit in any one of them for pretty much any siutation.

The top – The blouse is another key feature of a ladies’ formal attire and so it should be chosen wisely. However, there’s some flexibility here and this allows you to personalize your style. Firstly, for a very formal event – such as an interview or a business presentation – choose a blouse with uniform colour, a collar, and long sleeves. If a top is not to be tucked in, then it shouldn’t be too long so as to appear below the suit coat. For a more conservative look, choose a button up blouse but this is not mandatory. As for the colour of the top, the general rule for formal wear is that it should be lighter than the suit’s colour.

Shoes – Shoes for formal occasions – especially work settings, should preferably be closed because they create a professional look. Closed courts or pumps with a matching colour the same as the suit or slightly darker colour, are the preferred options normally. But generally, any decent shoe will do provided it is dark or if its colour blends well with the colour of the outfit.

Accessories – For accessories, you should keep it as simple as possible for formal settings. You don’t want all the attention to be on you, so you should avoid things like flashy, showy jewellery, for instance. A simple necklace and stud earrings are perfect for work. Nail polish is also fine if you like it but the colour should be subtle to avoid drawing attention to your fingers.

Casual settings

Casual wear allows you the liberty to showcase your sense of fashion. There are basically no limits and the rules of casual wear are pretty flexible, so you’re free to experiment. Comfort and style is what dictates casual wear for women.

There are various types of casual wear for women. Majority of women choose comfort but some choose style over comfort, regardless of material. Cotton trousers, jeans, drawstring pants, jeans, and capris are normally paired with sweatshirts, t-shirts, and button-down shirts to give a casual, sporty look perfect for running about town doing errands.

For informal gatherings, dates, or other casual meetings, smart casual is the way to go. Smart casual clothing typically comprises cotton blouses, long-sleeved tees, casual shirts, vests, and jackets. These are then matched with black trousers, slacks, crisp jeans, or long skirts, among others. Of course, you can miss accessorizing these outfits appropriately.

There’s also the athletic casual wear that’s typically worn for exercise and training, and there’s also summer casuals for summer time. Summer casuals are light, easy to wear, and are normally made from cotton, silk, linen, nylon, and many blends.

The variety provided by women’s casual wear is inexhaustible. It all depends on personal preferences and whether or not you want to follow the fashion bandwagon.

Men’s Clothing Choices

mens fashion brandsMen’s clothing choices are somewhat less diverse than women’s. However, both men and women face a similar problem when it comes to choosing appropriate clothing to wear for a given occasion. Even when there’s a dress code for an event to guide you on the type of clothing to choose, there could still be a lot of considerations to make.

If you have a black tie occasion coming up, you might ponder buying a dinner suit or simply renting one if you’re likely to use it only once a year. In addition, some men are fashion conscious and like to stand out by creating a personalised style through accessories. Everything from colour and choice of fabric to the type of accessories can count towards your individual style.

Let’s face it; there aren’t many black tie events that the average bloke will be invited to in a year. Most events will be social gatherings such as weddings, business dinners, holiday parties, company retreats, or corporate events, among others. Thus, the choice of clothing is pretty open, but it’s crucial that the outfit you choose is appropriate for that particular event.

Here’s a guide on the different categories of men’s clothing choices for various occasions:

Mens Formal Attire

This is typically reserved for business events such as business dinners and other corporate events, or even weddings. This collection mainly comprises fine suits, business shirts, and appropriate accessories (including cufflinks, vests, ties, bowties, and more). Pay attention to the fabric when buying suits and other formal attire. For trousers, a tightly woven material such as gabardine is more suitable as it makes for long lasting dress trousers, while a material like worsted wool is appropriate for winter and autumn clothing.

On the other hand, fabrics such as linen, tropical materials and cotton are best for summer formal wear because they are lightweight, so they’ll keep the heat to a minimum.

Business wear

This category mostly entails clothing you wear to work. If you have a typical office job that needs you to dress up, then you should stock up with a number of dress shirts, trousers and ties to give you a professional look. Some corporate offices have very formal dress codes other the complete opposite, so you’ll be well placed if you have a variety of suits in your collection.

Solid colour dress shirts will be very handy (especially white) as they can be matched with a variety of ties. To get more wear out of your suits, wear the jackets on separate trousers. Buy at least two pairs of khaki or cooler shade trousers for casual work days. You can pair the khaki trouser with a dress shirt made from cotton or wool flannel.

Casual wear

When you’re not working or attending corporate dinners, you’ll want to relax in clothes that are comfortable. Casual wear can be worn when relaxing at home or when out for a meal with friends or just going for a night out in the local.

Your casual wear collection should include a variety of simple men’s shirts such as button-ups, crewnecks, polo shirts, and screen-printed shirts, among others. These can be paired with cargos/combats or jeans. Denim is typically used to make jeans as well as of course denim jackets but there are more and more cotton mix “jeans” out there now for added choice. For smart-casual shirts and men’s casual trousers, cotton mixes are very popular just like trousers. Acrylics can be good too, when used in moderation.

Sports clothing

Athletic clothing was originally designed for exercise and other outdoor activities, however it’s often also used by many an armchair athlete. For proper fitness though, whether it’s working out in the gym or playing a casual football game, you’ll need clothes that are not too tight but not too loose as well to make you uncomfortable.

Typically, sporty, athletic clothing is made of elastic material that allows the muscles to stretch without tearing the clothes. If you work out regularly, you should have a few pairs of joggers or nylon athletic pull-ons. In addition, you should stock up on a couple of cotton t-shirts that will absorb the sweat whilst jogging or performing some workout routines. You could also get a cotton jacket or hoodie to complement your work out gear.

Don’t forget swimwear when shopping for your sports needs. You will need it when you go on holiday to any place where you wish to enjoy the sun and the sea/pool.


Keep yourself warm with stylish men’s outerwear when the temperatures drop. Men’s coats and jackets come in a wide range of styles and prices from low to very high end wage earning brackets. Traditionally, most coats and jackets for cold weather have been made from wool, such as angora, alpaca, cashmere, or mohair fibres. However, now newer synthetic fibres fight for top place with designer quilted jackets next to camel hair coats depending on where you shop.

For those who crave nostalgia or may have bad boy tendancies leather jackets can be worn in cold weather but you’ll either need multiple layers and very slim build or not be going far on foot!

When buying any kind of outerwear, consider the makeup of your wardrobe. If your wardrobe is mainly comprised of formal wear, then you might want to buy trench coats or pea coats that you can easily wear over suits. Stick to jackets for your casual wear.

Finally, choose your outfits accordingly. When you’re not sure whether to wear formal or casual, it’s always best to wear trousers and a smart jacket to strike a middle ground between casual and formal.